Phoenix, Arizona   August 1 - August 4, 2018

As you all know the Arizona IPMS chapters are hosting the IPMS USA National Convention this year. As the Volunteer Coordinator for the planning committee we are looking for people who would be interested in in helping out at the convention.

We would like to ask all members of the Arizona IPMS Chapters and members of other IPMS Chapters  to consider giving a little time to making this another great convention.In 2004 and again in 2010 we had successful conventions and this year with your help we can do it again. At former conventions where a few people did all the work the results were less then satisfactory. You have all heard the complaints and horror stories. Arizona has a reputation in the IPMS organization for putting together a great convention. Our most valuable resource is the willingness of our members and all other IPMS chapters members to help out where needed. 

Although the convention is not until August 1-4 we would like to have people in positions where they have some expertise or interest. Below is a list of positions for which we will need volunteers. Some positions that require prior training will only be open to Arizona Chapter members. This is because training will provided here as we get closer to the convention. You DO NOT have to be an IPMS USA  member to volunteer. We will have some perks for those members who volunteer their time. If you volunteer for two 2hr shifts (4 hr's) you will receive a free 2018 Convention Volunteer T-Shirt.

We will be using  to coordinate the  positions times slots and dates that we will require volunteers as well as letting volunteers pick their date and time slots to volunteer their time.

Registration: We would like to have volunteers to help out with registration and give out the registration packages, T-shirts,etc. as required. These people don't have to be Arizona IPMS Chapter members. We will need 3-4 volunteers to actually register members these positions are only open to Arizona IPMS Chapter members. A little computer knowledge will be helpful here  Their will be 2 or 3 training classes so everyone can become proficient with the process and we can test the systems.

Model Entry: We would like to have volunteers to assist entrants fill out the contest entry forms. With all the different categories and some new rule changes this can be quite confusing. We will have a  short class to insure everyone is up to speed on the rules and categories.  There are some positions that require some prior training and these will be handled by Arizona IPMS Chapter members.

Contest/Vendor Room Security: We would like to have volunteers to act as security for the contest and vendor rooms.This position requires checking tickets and wrist bands to allow guests access to these rooms They will also patrol the contest room to remind visitors not to touch the models. After the contest they will need to check the models leaving the contest room to insure that none go missing.

Make -N-Take: We would like to have volunteers to help with Make-N-Take. These people will need to be able to mentor children and teens in building model kits. Volunteers will need to have patience and be good with children. Subject to screening by Make -N- Take coordinator.

Raffles: We would like to have volunteers to assist with the raffle. They will sell raffle tickets and give out prizes to the winners.

Tour Bus Guides: We would like to have one person on each tour bus to do a head count before the buses leave the hotel and before they leave the tour destination. They will also hand out water we will provide on the tours.

Vendor Helpers: We would like to have volunteers to assist Vendors load and unload their vehicles at the loading dock.

Contact:        Carl Armelin  

The key to a successful convention is volunteers and that's where you come in. We hope that you will support us in this undertaking. To sign-up, please click on the link below!

Carl Armelin

Volunteer Coordinator

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