Lots of GREAT topics to choose from!!

The 2018 IPMS National Convention in Phoenix will feature a full slate of seminars (free to registered attendees), covering everything from the latest techniques in model building to the history of what we build. We’ll also have free airbrush demos and hands-on classes for an additional fee.  As of March 17 we have 44 hours of planned programming. 

Here are some of the confirmed topics and presenters:

Military History                                                                     Barrett Tillman

Prowler operator + author                                                   LCDR Rick Morgan                             

Aviation history                                                                    Herb Zinn

Atlas ICBM rocket                                                                David Weeks

Scratch building structures                                                Mark Nickelson                                  

Scratch building ships                                                        David Straub

History via Magazine Covers                                              David Straub                                       

Packing and Transporting Models                                     Bill & Dick Engar

Casting with Smooth-On                                                    Scott Campbell                                   

Wire wrap trees                                                                   Don Stewart

3D printing                                                                           Mike Idacavage

Sailing Ship Modeling                                                        Dave Lockhart

Organizing an IPMS Chapter                                             Dave Lockhart

What Judges Look For                                                      Mark Persichetti

Real Space Modeling                                                         Rob Schorry

Early Rockets                                                                     Dave Carlton

Gundam and Mecha techniques                                      Clem Eng

Dioramas in IPMS Competitions                                      Mike McFadden

Mercury & Gemini Recovery Helicopters                        David Weeks

Photographing Your Models                                            John Ferdico

3D Printing Overview                                                        Kirk Kirkland                                        

Airbrush class (Grex, $100 for 4 hours)                         Bryant Dunbar                                                                      

Airbrush 101 classes, free, one hour                             Tom Grossman                                   

Cleaning Your Airbrush                                                   Tom Grossman                                   

Masking with Parafilm                                                      Tom Grossman                                   

Ship Modeling                                                                    Mike Ashey                                         

AIrcraft Modeling                                                               Mike Ashey                                         

Large Scale Aircraft                                                          Mike Rechlicz                                      

Figure Painting                                                                  Randy Myers                                      

F-105 Thunderchief                                                           Fred Hall                                               

Stash Management Software                                           Bill Dedig                                               

German Armor Camou                                                     John Bonanni                                       

Quick-Build Dioramas (Maus Werx)                                Dekker Zimmerman                         

Using Mission Models Paint                                            Jon Tamkin              


2018 IPMS National Convention seminars

Phoenix, Arizona   August 1 - August 4, 2018