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Greetings!  The modelers of Arizona would like to invite you to join us for the 2018 IPMS/USA Nationals on August 1-4, 2018, in Phoenix, Arizona.  The convention will be held in the Phoenix Convention Center located in the heart of Phoenix, the 5h largest city in the US.  Our theme is Build It!  Bring It!!  Show It!!!  In addition to having the largest model contest in the US and hosting the world’s largest traveling hobby shop, we’re going to place emphasis on the modelers in our society who are the basis of our organization, the heart of what we do – the individual modeler who builds models for the sake of building models, not competition.  We all know that the National Contest is a large part of why we do our National Convention and that a significant number of our attendees come to compete in that contest.  But not everyone does.  In fact, the percentage of our entire society that competes in our shows, both locally, regionally, and nationally, is usually less than 20%.  We want to see the work of the other 80%.  To that end, we’re dedicating as much space as is necessary to display the work of those who just want to bring their models in and show them to the rest of us, without facing the prospect of having others judge their work.  So, build your models, bring your models, show your models!

We also want to showcase our clubs to our visitors.  As most of you know, IPMS/UK’s National Convention is very club oriented.  We’ll have space available in our vendor room for clubs to set up displays and sit and tell people about your organization and your hobby.  Contact our vendor coordinator to arrange for a table to be held for your club. 

Come join us for four days of celebration of our hobby, look at literally thousands of models built by hundreds of modelers from around the US and a host of other countries.  Talk to your club, arrange for a table, bring a display, and share with others what makes your club special.  But most of all, come for the fun!  See you in August!


The Hyatt Regency Hotel is conveniently located across the street from the Phoenix Convention Center and offers top flight accommodations for convention attendees and their families! With facilities like these, mark the date and plan to stay! Click on the button to make your hotel reservations!


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Plenty to see and enjoy in Phoenix and the great Southwest

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January 21, 2018 - Website Navigation and Forms -  We've added a number of improvements and some more information. Navigation buttons now appear at the top of the pages to help get around the site as the cache of information grows. We've also added a number of new forms and files including the 2018 Contest Categories, 2018 Contest Rules, Mail-in Attendee Registration Form, Club Registration Forms, and Vendor Registration.

​We'll continue to add more information as it comes available, so be sure to visit the site regularly and register for updates!

Official 2018 Contest Categories and Contest Rules are now available to download by clicking on the links below, going to the Contest menu button at the top of this page, or on our Forms page. We've  also added a separate page for Special Theme Awards listed under the Contest button.

Phoenix, Arizona   August 1 - August 4, 2018

March 19, 2018 - ROOMS STILL AVAILABLE!  -  Latest News: We still have hotel rooms left! The only ones in short supply are King bed rooms. If you’re trying to book a room and get a “No Rooms Available” error, go back and see if you’ve selected a King room. We may be out of them by the time you try to book the room. Change your selection to choose two Queen beds and you should be successful. If you continue to have difficulties, contact us at and we’ll help you work it out. And remember, registration is open and ready for you. One thing we’re very proud of is that the cost to you for registration is exactly the same as it was in 2010. You can register using the link to the left or you can use the printed version in your latest copy of the Journal.

February 9, 2018 - VERY IMPORTANT - FRAUD WARNING!!  It has come to our attention that vendors may be contacted by a company called Convention Housing Planners, or other similar companies.  They may tell you they are the official hotel booking company for our convention.  This is not true.  We do not have an official hotel booking company. The only way to get the hotel rooms at our convention rate, with a guarantee that your room reservation actually exists, is to use the link on our website for Reservations.  Reservations made through any method other than the link will be at your own risk.

New for 2018 at the IPMS-USA Nationals!

Show off your club or chapter's handiwork by setting up a display table - make sure your group is represented! For more information on this new convention feature, contact our Display Coordinator by clicking on this button!